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The University School Partnership

The University School Partnership is a collaboration between the University of Oslo and 18 schools in Oslo and Viken

Foto av to studenter som holder en plakat der det står "Praksis er samarbeid"

Students at Ris ungdomsskole (Foto: Christian Narvesen).

What is the University School Partnership?

The University of Oslo and the University Schools work together in several projects. The aim of the partnership is to: 

  • Further improve the quality in schools and in higher education to strengthen pupils´ and students´ learning.

  • Further develop the teacher education at the university, and to create good models for teaching practice for students

  • Increase opportunities for partners to work together in research and development projects in schools

The University Schools

The Department of Teacher Education and School Resarch has around 125 Partner Schools. All Partner Schools may apply to become a University School.

For the current period (2018-2022), 18 schools are selected as University Schools:

  • 7 lower secondary schools
  • 10 upper secondary schools
  • 1 secondary school (grade 8-13)
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