Jennifer Maria Luoto

Bilde av Jennifer Maria Luoto
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Rom 5 etg, ILS
Besøksadresse Nils Abels hus
Postadresse Postboks 1099 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Faglige interesser

Klasseromsforskning, Comparative Education, Multicultural Education, Spesialpedagogikk



Mastergrad i "Multicultural and International Education", Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus


Emneord: Klasseromsforskning, Spesialpedagogikk, Comparative Education, Multicultural Education


  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2020). Scrutinizing two Finnish teachers’ instructional rationales and perceived tensions in enacting student participation in mathematical discourse. LUMAT: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education.  ISSN 2323-7104.  8(1), s 133- 161 . doi: //
  • Klette, Kirsti; Blikstad-Balas, Marte; Luoto, Jennifer Maria; Tanner, Marie; Tengberg, Michael; Slotte, Anna; Roe, Astrid & Sahlström, Fritjof (2018). Justice through participation: student engagement in Nordic classrooms. Education Inquiry.  ISSN 2000-4508.  9(1), s 57- 77 . doi: 10.1080/20004508.2018.1428036 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv. Vis sammendrag
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria; Stovner, Roar Bakken; Nortvedt, Guri A. & Buchholtz, Nils (2018). Methodological challenges when scaling up research on instructional quality in mathematics, In Johan Häggström (ed.),  Perspectives on professional development of mathematics teachers. Proceedings of MADIF 11 The eleventh research seminar of the Swedish Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Karlstad, January 23–24, 2018.  SMDF.  ISBN 978-91-984024-2-1.  Symposium.  s 211 - 220

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  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2020). Instructional patterns and activity formats in mathematics classrooms:A comparative approach to understanding instruction in Norwegian and Swedish-Speaking Finnish lower secondary classrooms.
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2019). What shapes classroom discourse in the mathematics classrooms? A study of instructional practices, meta-rules and teacher perspectives. Vis sammendrag
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2019). Classroom discourse: Different patterns – same rationale? Scrutinizing two Finnish mathematics teachers’ instructional rationale.
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2019). Opportunities For Student Participation In Discourse In Secondary Mathematics Classrooms In A Finnish Context: Teachers’ Perspectives and Instructional Practices.
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2018). Symposium on researching the quality of mathematics teaching. Experiences from the LISA project:Methodological challenges with assessing instructional quality in Nordic mathematics classrooms.
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2018). What characterizes classroom discourse in Norwegian and Finnish-Swedish secondary mathematics classrooms?.
  • Stovner, Roar Bakken; Nortvedt, Guri A.; Buchholtz, Nils & Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2018). Symposium of Researching the Quality of Mathematics Teaching.
  • Luoto, Jennifer Maria; Klette, Kirsti & Blikstad-Balas, Marte (2017). Mathematics Instruction in Norway and Finland: Representation of Content. Vis sammendrag
  • Solberg, Mina; Brevik, Lisbeth M. & Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2017). «Færre elever i klasserommet gir ikke nødvendigvis bedre tilpasset engelskundervisning».
  • Solberg, Mina; Brevik, Lisbeth M. & Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2017). MA thesis: The Differentiated English Classroom. Teachers' approaches to differentiated instruction in group lessons in lower secondary school.
  • Solberg, Mina; Brevik, Lisbeth M. & Luoto, Jennifer Maria (2017). Om å differensiere engelskundervisningen. Bedre Skole.  ISSN 0802-183X.  2, s 70- 75

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