Staff - Teknisk- administrativ gruppe

The list contains 32 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bakke, Camilla Senior Executive Officer +47 22858032 +47 40280273 (mob) Study administration
Barcus-Sævareid, Kristi Lynette Senior Executive Officer +47 22841221 Study administration
Blacklock, Joseph Student
Boncuk, Esra Adviser +47 22858218 Study Administration
Borgersen, Eva Svihus Senior Executive Officer Project administration
Dahl, Yngvild Administrative Manager +47 22844138 Study administration
Dolonen, Jan Arild Chief Engineer +47 22840727 +47 40202461 Privacy, GDPR, Research ethics, Data processing, Data management, Education, ICT and learning, EngageLab, Learning analytics
Dorival, Camille Senioringeniør
Glomnes, Hege Jahr Adviser +47 22858813 Study administration
Grefsgård, Ulf Tero Adviser +47 22858150 Communication, Research administration, Web
Grønsberg, Cindy Senior Executive Officer +47 22844474 Study administration
Haider, Ridah Senior Executive Officer +47 22855352 Reception, Study administration
Hjelmevold, Annette Senior Executive Officer +47 22855355 Study administration
Li, Pengdong Andersen Student
Løvland, Paola Senior Executive Officer +47 22844479 Study administration, Higher Education
Mahrdt, Helgard Gertrud Hildegard +47 22856974
Manivasagam, Sharanya Head Engineer +47-93862270
Mukhina, Olga Senior Executive Officer +47 22854286 Research administration
Nesnass, Richard Senior Engineer +47-99871678 IPED
Ngo, Hoang Bao Head Engineer +47-97793482
Nguyen, Thanh Mai Thi Student
Seba, Lydia Elvira Mist
Segal, Miriam Senior Executive Officer +47 22855032 Study administration
Storhaug Reinås, Karl Henrik Student
Strand, Mette Higher Executive Officer +47 22845607 Study administration