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Design and development

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Several of the projects that use EngageLab have been through many iterations over several years, and are an expression of long-term research interests. EngageLab can contribute to projects in all phases, including the early planning, idea and exploration phase.

For UV's researchers, this means a varied support through long-term partnerships with practice, as well as opportunities to develop design-based projects with strong technology components. EngageLab can contribute with advanced research support and create new opportunities in research projects.

EngageLab has extensive experience with the development of all parts of digital environments, such as learning, teaching, and communication environments, learning design, representations, simulations, development of tasks, tests, and design/adaptation of platforms.

EngageLab also assists in the implementation of interventions, as well as design work involving partners and external developers. Participatory designs are often used.

Ongoing and completed projects

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