Writing to learn

Participant work: Approximately 15 hours
Attendance: Two sessions, each of four hours duration
Course work: Write a report on attempts to use small writing tasks with own students between the sessions
Target group: Academic tenured and temporary staff

The course is held in Norwegian

Why choose this module?

Writing is an important basis for student learning. They should be able to express their understanding in short and more extensive written work, with and without formal assessment. Academic writing ranges from spontaneous to structured tasks over months and years. Researchers often devide student writing in two, writing for presentations (for example writing for other readers with demands on genre and use of sources) and writing as a part of learning processes (writing for thinking, spontaneous writing, log writing). The main focus of this module is writing in learning processes.

Different forms of writing to develop thinking can be important parts of the students studiy work and in teaching. At the University of Oslo we have weak traditions for active and systematic use of writing as part of teaching. Focus for this module is micro assignments with relatively little writing. The aim is to give the participants with little or no experience with micro writing ideas and impulses to how one can use writing in ordinary teaching.

Participants with more experience are welcome as resource persons. Contact the cours leader for more information.

In this module you will learn:

  • To differentiate between writing to learn (writing for thinking) from presentation writing (semester assignments, lab reports, master thesis) and to understand the importance of this kind of writing
  • Different writing tasks by doing them
  • How to adapt these to different levels of study (from bachelor to PhD) and to different media (paper, dialogue and digital media)
  • Insight into how student writing can supply information to teachers about how well the students have understood central themes in our teaching


This module builds onto and elaborates on the perspectives from the introduction to learning supportive writing in the introductory module “Teaching and learning in Higher Education".

Application and admission

The course is designed for tenured and temporary academic staff including PhD-students at the Faculty of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo. The number of participants is limited. Admission is based on the date of application. It is recommended to have started or completed the introductory module “Teaching and learning in higher education” before participating in this module. For participants who have not participated in the introductory module, is presumed that they will have a knowledge of the topic equivalent to the introduction in the introductory course.

Apply here: Participant

Notification of admission will be given shortly after the deadline for admission has expired.

Confirmation of participation

Participants can receive a confirmation of satisfactory participation in the module on demand. Diploma to document foundational knowledge in teaching and learning in higher education will be issued when the participants have completed all the requirements for this. Requirements

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