Daniel Tröhler

Professor II
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Postal address P.O.Box 1092 Blindern N-0317 Oslo

Academic interests

  • Historical and comparative analysis of educational languages
  • Nation building and curriculum: The cultural construction of school subjects
  • Epistemology and knowledge
  • History and historiography of education
  • Globalization and Globalization theories in education


Daniel Tröhler (Ph.D. and Habilitation, University of Zürich) is Professor of Foundations of Education at the University of Vienna, Austria and Adjont Professor at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Daniel Tröhler’s research interests are inter- and transnational developments and trajectories of education and curriculum between the late eighteenth century and today, with some emphasis on the transition from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century and the Cold War era. In his studies, he is combining history of ideas and institutional history in a broader cultural approach focusing on educational and political ideas and their materialization in school laws, curricula, textbooks, thereby comparing different national/regional developments and their possible transnational influences.

He has published, edited or co-edited over 50 books, nearly 90 articles in journals, and some 100 book-chapters. His latest publications that have been translated into different languages include Languages of Education: Protestant Legacies, National Identities, and Global Aspirations (Routledge 2011) (AERA Outstanding Book of the Year Award 2012), Pestalozzi and the Educationalization of the World (Palgrave, 2013), and he served as guest editor for the Special Issue Historicising Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Four ways to commemorate his 300th anniversary (2012) (Studies in Philosophy and Education) and as a co-guest editor for the Special Issue The rise of the accountability regime in education governance (2014) (Teachers College Record).

Tags: Education, Curriculum studies, Humanities
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