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Academic interests

Dimitra Christidou is particularly interested in the multimodality of the museum experience and understanding the relationships between visitors, the museum collection and their meaning making. Her areas of expertise are: embodiment, social interaction, visitor studies, museum learning, museum evaluation and audience research. Through her postdoctoral fellowship, Dimitra will experiment with and design new qualitative tools to better understand visitors' meaning making and the museum experience. 

Prior to her fellowship at the Department of Education, Dimitra led two Nordic projects on museum volunteers and learning at the archives. She has successfully been granted 160 000 €  for 3 projects (two funded by Nordplus Adult and one by Erasmus+K2). 

Dimitra has working experience as museum educator in two museums in Greece, as museum evaluator at the Victoria & Albert museum and as primary school teacher.


    2017 - 2018   PED 4331

    2018  2 lectures for PED 4331



    September 2017. Museums, exhibitions and visitors. School of Social Sciences - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. The University of Iceland. SÖFN SEM NÁMSVETTVANGUR (SAF 016F, Haust 2017). 1hr teaching seminar. 

      September 2016. Museums and their social role. School of Social Sciences - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. The University of Iceland. SÖFN SEM NÁMSVETTVANGUR (SAF 016F, Haust 2016). 1hr teaching seminar. 


        Academic Background

        • 5/2016 to present: Postdoctoral Fellow, MEDIASCAPES Project, Visitor Research
        • 9/2014-5/2016: Researcher and Project Manager, The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity, Östersund, Sweden.
        • 2008-2012: PhD in Museum Studies, University College of London, UK - Greek State Scholarship 
        • 2006-2008: MA in Contemporary Learning Environments, University of Thessaly, Greece.
        • 2005: BA in History and Ethnology, Democritus University, Greece.


        For an updated list of publications, please see: https://uio.academia.edu/DimitraChristidou

        Tags: Museums and communication, Education


        Christidou, Dimitra (2016). A Lone Star or Part of a Constellation: Creating Synergies and Blurring Boundaries Across Formal and Informal Settings of Learning, In Anthony Montgomery & Ian Kehoe (ed.),  Reimagining the Purpose of Schools and Educational Organisations Developing Critical Thinking, Agency, Beliefs in Schools and Educational Organisations.  Springer.  ISBN 978-3-319-24697-0.  Chapter 19.

        Christidou, Dimitra (2016). Does pointing in the museum make a point? A social semiotic approach to the museum experience, In Maria Papadopoulou & Eleftheria Deltsiou (ed.),  Changing Worlds & Signs of the Time: Selected Proceedings from the 10th International Conference of the Hellenic Semiotics Society.  The Hellenic Semiotics Society.  ISBN 978-618-82184-0-6.  30.  s 374 - 385

        Christidou, Dimitra (2016). Seeing and Being Seen: The Multimodality of the Museum Spectatorship. Museum & Society.  ISSN 1479-8360.

        Christidou, Dimitra (2016). Social Interaction in the Art Museum: Connecting to Each Other and the Exhibits. The International Journal of Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts.  ISSN 2327-2104.  11(4)

        Christidou, Dimitra (2013). Bringing Meaning into Making: How Do Visitors Tag an Exhibit as Social when Visiting a Museum. The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum.  ISSN 1835-2014.

        Christidou, Dimitra (2010). Re-Introducing Visitors: Thoughts and Discussion on John Falk's Notion of Visitors' Identity-Related Visit Motivations. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology.  ISSN 0965-9315.

        Christidou, Dimitra (2009). Labels in museums. The case of the Archaeological Museum of Volos. Tetradia Mouseiologias.  ISSN 1790-0980.

        • Christidou, Dimitra & Pierroux, Palmyre (2019). Art, touch and meaning making: an analysis of multisensory interpretation in the museum. Museum Management and Curatorship.  ISSN 0964-7775.  34(1), s 96- 115 . doi: 10.1080/09647775.2018.1516561
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        • Tisza, Gabriella; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Christidou, Dimitra; Voulgari, Iro; Iivari, Netta; Giannakos, Michail; Kinnula, Marianne & Markopoulos, Panos (2019). The role of age and gender on implementing informal and non-formal science learning activities for children, In Netta Iivari; Marianne Kinnula & Mikko Rajanen (ed.),  Proceedings of the FabLearn Europe 2019 Conference.  ACM Publications.  ISBN 978-1-4503-6266-5.  10. Full text in Research Archive.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Art on the move: The role of joint attention in visitors' encounters with artworks. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction.  ISSN 2210-6561.  19, s 1- 10 . doi: 10.1016/j.lcsi.2018.03.008
        • Christidou, Dimitra & Diamantopoulou, Sophia (2018). Children’s ‘eye views’ of an archaeological site: A multimodal social semiotic approach to children’s drawings. Museum & Society.  ISSN 1479-8360.  16(3), s 334- 351

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        • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Museum exhibitions and their visitors.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Publikumsutvikling: hva, hvem, hvordan og hvorfor.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Social Meaning Mapping as a means of exploring the visual in the museum.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Social Meaning Mapping: a digital tool for visitors to map their museum experience.
        • Christidou, Dimitra & Pierroux, Palmyre (2019). A Study of Touch as a Way of Knowing in an Art Exhibition.
        • Christidou, Dimitra & Reitstätter, Luise (2019). Trails of walking, ways of talking: From observation to self-reflection.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Belvedere Visitracker.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Designing digital tools for exploring interaction in museums.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Technology and big data – how technology can be harnessed to gain visitor insights: the Visitracker app.
        • Christidou, Dimitra & Pierroux, Palmyre (2018). Visitors’ Hands-on Encounters with Art: The role of touch in meaning making.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2017). Touching Art: A learning perspective.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2017). Visitor Studies Understanding Visitors’ Meaning-Making Practices.
        • Christidou, Dimitra; Qvale, Anne & Pierroux, Palmyre (2017). Visitracker: A Tool for Visitor Studies.
        • Pierroux, Palmyre; Christidou, Dimitra & Qvale, Anne (2017). Hva ønsker vi å vite om publikum?.
        • Pierroux, Palmyre; Hetland, Per & Christidou, Dimitra (2017). Cultural Heritage Mediascapes.
        • Christidou, Dimitra (2016). Museums and their social role.
        • Christidou, Dimitra & Diamantopoulou, Sophia (2016). Museum encounters: A choreography of visitors’ bodies in interaction.
        • Christidou, Dimitra & Diamantopoulou, Sophia (2016). The Choreography of Visitors' Participation While in the Museum.

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