Jesper Eckhardt Larsen

Associate Professor - Department of Education
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Phone +47 22844711
Room 566
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Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 7 Helga Engs hus 0317 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1092 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

  • Cultural history of schoolteachers
  • Nordic and international history of education
  • School history
  • University history
  • History of educational ideas
  • Comparative education
  • Politics of knowledge and social epistemology

Larsen has more specifically worked with projects in these four areas

  • The history of the concept of dannelse/Bildung and its practical educational significance in Denmark, Nordic countries and Germany.
  • The debates on higher education since WWII with special attention to the role and legitimation of the humanities – seen in a comparative international perspective: Norway, Denmark, Germany and the USA.
  • Politics of knowledge both generally and more specifically within the field of educational history
  • The history of schooling in a Danish and international, colonial perspective with a focus on the monitorial system of instruction 1800-1850

Completed projects

  • J.N. Madvigs dannelsestanker: En kritisk humanist i den danske romantik (2002) (The thoughts on education/dannelse by J.N. Madvig (1804-1886): A critical humanist in Danish romanticism).
  • «Ikke af brød alene..» Argumenter for humaniora og universitetet i Norge, Danmark, Tyskland og USA 1945-2005 (2006) (“not on bread alone...» Argument for the humanities and the university in Norway, Denmark, Germany and the USA 1945-2005).
  • Knowledge, politics and the history of education (2012).
  • From Competing Technologies of Mass Schooling to the Spiritual Enlightenment of the Nation: The reception of the monitorial system of education in Denmark 1814-1849 (2014).


  • Nordic and international history of education, comparative and international education, curriculum studies/didactics with a special focus on dannelse (Bildung), ExFac educational variant, history of educational ideas, studies on professionalism etc.

Main administrative tasks

  • Practical coordination of the writing of bachelor projects (students of education at Aarhus University).
  • Research coordination of a Nordic research group on the humanities in society (Nordic Summer University)
  • Research coordination of an international research group on “Knowledge, politics and the history of education (Symposium and publishing work).
  • Background (education and work)


  • 2002- 2007: Ph.D. in Comparative Education from the Danish University of Education (DPU)
  • 1995- 1998: Master (Cand. Mag.) in History and Educational studies at Copenhagen University (KU)
  • 1995- 1996: Erasmus-student at Freie Universität (FU), Berlin and at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (HU)
  • 1991- 1994: Bachelor in History and Educational Studies from Copenhagen University (KU)
  • 1988- 1990: Basis in Natural Sciences (Nat. Bas.) at Roskilde University Centre (RUC)
  • 1987- 1988: Undergraduate Studies at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


  • 2014- 2017: Associate Professor at the Department of Education, Institute of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Education, University of Agder (UiA)
  • 2012- 2014: Research Assistant at the Institute of Education (Institut for Uddannelse og Pædagogik, IUP/DPU), Aarhus University
  • 2008- 2012: Assistant Professor (Adjunkt) in the History of Education at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
  • 2006- 2008: Post doc and external lecturer at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
  • 2002- 2006: Doctoral student at the Danish University of Education (DPU)
  • 1999- 2002: External Lecturer in the history of education at the Institute for Philosophy, Education and Rhetoric, Copenhagen University


  • Member of the Strategic council for the University of Agder (UiA) spring 2016
  • President of the History of Education Society, Denmark 2012 - 2014
  • Vice-President of the History of Education Society, Denmark, 2010-2012 + 2014 – present
  • Chief Editor of the Danish Yearbook of the History of Education 2014 – present (
  • Co-Editor of the Danish Yearbook of the History of Education 2006 – 2013
  • Board member of the Nordic Comparative and International Education Society (NOCIES) 2015-present
  • Leader of the international project: ”Knowledge, Politics and the History of Education” including participants from South America, USA, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, 2008-2012
  • Initiator, manager and responsible for the economy of a circle of scholars under the Nordic Summer University (NSU) “The Humanities in Society,” 2008-2011
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