Palmyre Pierroux

Professor, Head of Research
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Postal address Postboks 1092 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Research Interests

My research focuses on meaning making and knowledge practices in formal and informal learning contexts. I frequently work with design-based methods and research-practice partnerships to explore how digital media and technologies are transforming learning and teaching in schools and museums, with a particular interest in art, architecture and design as disciplinary domains.


Dr. Polit., Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo, 2006

Master of Arts, Art History, Art in Networks, University of Oslo, 1998

Bachelor of Applied Arts, Environmental Design, San Diego State University, 1983

Research Projects

2015–2019      Cultural Heritage Mediascapes: Innovation in Knowledge and Mediation Practices (The Research Council of Norway, KULMEDIA)

2010–2011      UiO 200: Geospiren at NHM (UiO Strategic Initiative)

2009–2013      CONTACT: Communicating Organizations in Networks of Art and Cultural Heritage (The Research Council of Norway, VERDIKT)

2007–2008      GIDDER: Groups in Digital Dialogues (UiO Strategic Initiative)

2007–2008      MUSTEL: Designing for Technology Enhanced Learning in Museums (EU Kaleidescope NoE project)

Innovation Projects

2021–2023     Making Museums Relevant (UiO: SPARK Samfunnsinnovasjon)

2014–2015     VisiTracker (The Research Council of Norway, VERDIKT Innovate and UV/UiO strategic funding)

2013–2014     Observe. Understanding Visitor Engagement (The Research Council of Norway, VERDIKT)

Doctoral Supervision

Gro Skåland. Library Maker Spaces: Learning Trajectories and Digital Workshops. Department of Education, University of Oslo. Co-Supervisor.

Emily Oswald. PA-KOW! Doing Participatory Knowledge Work in Museums and Archives. Department of Education. University of Oslo. Lead supervisor.

Filipa de Sousa. (Completed 2021) A Dialogic Approach to Game-Based Learning: The Role of the Teacher in Students’ Engagement with Ethics and Morality in Citizenship Education Using a Commercial Off-the-Shelf Videogame. Department of Education, University of Oslo. Co-Supervisor.

Rolf Steier. (Completed 2014) Embodied Meaning Making and the Museum: Bodies, artifacts, and spaces in sociocultural approaches to museum learning and design. Department of Education. University of Oslo. Lead supervisor.


I lecture at Master and PhD levels on methods in design-based research and interaction analysis; learning, creativity and innovation; and topics in CSCL. I teach in three courses in the 'Communication, Design and Learning' Master Program.

PED 4501 Learning, Creativity and Innovation

PED 4506 Analyse av sosiale og digitale interaksjoner

PED 4540 Technology-enhanced learning: Principles and Tools

Watch a video about our collaboration with the University of Tennessee in the Museum Interaction Studies program, funded by SIU, or read about the program in Uniforum.

Tags: Informal learning, Digital learning environments


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