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Visiting address Gaustadalléen 21 Forskningsparken 0349 Oslo
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Research Interests

My research focuses on meaning making and knowledge practices in formal and informal learning contexts. I frequently work with design-based methods and research-practice partnerships to explore how digital media and technologies are transforming learning and teaching in schools and museums, with a particular interest in art, architecture and design as disciplinary domains.


Upcoming talks

IMPEC Conference 2020

July 1-3, 2020

University of Lyon, Laboratoire ICAR (ENS de Lyon)
Our Museum Closing Conference

September 28-29, 2020

University of Copenhagen


Dr. Polit., Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo, 2006

Master of Arts, Art History, Art in Networks, University of Oslo, 1998

Bachelor of Applied Arts, Environmental Design, San Diego State University, 1983

Research Networks

Inremo (2011- 2014) National network contributing to innovation in digital representations and interactive models, The Research Council of Norway

MuSuCol (2011 - 2012) Multiple Surfaces for Collaborative Learning, EU NoE Stellar Theme Team

Kultrans (2009-2013) UiO strategic network, under the theme Kulturproduksjon: materialitet og estetikk

NordLearn - Nordic Center for Research and Learning (2009 - 2011), financed by NordForsk

Kaleidoscope (2004-2009) European Network of Exellence (NoE), 6th Framework

Funded Research Projects

2015–2019      Cultural Heritage Mediascapes: Innovation in Knowledge and Mediation Practices (The Research Council of Norway, KULMEDIA)

2013–2014      Observe. Understanding Visitor Engagement (The Research Council of Norway, VERDIKT)

2010–2011      UiO 200: Geospiren at NHM (UiO Strategic Initiative)

2009–2013      CONTACT: Communicating Organizations in Networks of Art and Cultural Heritage (The Research Council of Norway, VERDIKT)

2007–2008      GIDDER: Groups in Digital Dialogues (UiO Strategic Initiative)

2007–2008      MUSTEL: Designing for Technology Enhanced Learning in Museums (EU Kaleidescope NoE project)

Funded Innovation Projects

2014–2015     VisiTracker, financed by VERDIKT innovate, strategic UV/UiO funding

Doctoral Supervision

Emily Oswald. User Perspectives and Youth Engagement. Department of Education. University of Oslo. Lead supervisor.

Filipa de Sousa. A Multiliteracy Approach to the Use of Archetypal Narratives in Video Games. Department of Education, University of Oslo. Co-Supervisor.

Gro Skåland. Folkeverkstedet : Læringsforløp i et digital sløydrom. Department of Education, University of Oslo. Co-Supervisor.

Rolf Steier. (Completed 2014) Embodied Meaning Making and the Museum: Bodies, artifacts, and spaces in sociocultural approaches to museum learning and design. Department of Education. University of Oslo. Lead supervisor.


I lecture at Master and PhD levels on methods in design-based research and interaction analysis; learning, creativity and innovation; and topics in CSCL. I am responsible for two courses in the 'Communication, Design and Learning' Master Program.

PED 4501 Learning, Creativity and Innovation 

PED 4506 Analyse av sosiale og digitale interaksjoner

Watch a video about our collaboration with the University of Tennessee in the Museum Interaction Studies program, funded by SIU, or read about the program in Uniforum.

Tags: Education, Informal learning, Digital learning environments


Journal Articles

Skåland, G., Arnseth, H.C., & Pierrroux, P. (in press) Doing Inventing in the Library. Analyzing the narrative framing of making in a public library context. Education Sciences.

Oswald, E., Esborg, L. & Pierroux, P. (forthcoming) Memes and new voices in cultural heritage archives. Information Communication and Society.

Pierroux, P. & Domanchine, M. (forthcoming) Experiencing architecture in immersive exhibitions. Convergence.

Pierroux, P. & Qvale, A. (2019) Wall texts in collection exhibitions: Bastions of enlightenment and interfaces for experience. Nordisk museologi, No 1, pp. 39-50.

Krange, I., Silseth, K. and Pierroux, P. (2019) Peers, teachers and guides: A study of three conditions for scaffolding conceptual learning in science centers. Cultural Studies of Science Education.  pdf

Christidou, D. and Pierroux, P. (2018) Art, touch and meaning making: an analysis of multisensory interpretation in the museum. Museum Management and Curatorship. 34:1, 96-115.

de Sousa, F., Rasmussen, I., and Pierroux, P. (2018) Zombies and Ethical Theories: Exploring Transformational Play as a Framework for Teaching with Videogames. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction.

Steier, R., Pierroux, P. and Krange, I. (2015) Embodied Interpretation: Gesture, Social Interaction, and Meaning Making in a National Art Museum. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction. 7:28-42. pdf

Bakken, S. and Pierroux, P. (2015) Framing a Topic: Mobile Video Tasks in Museum Learning. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 5:54–65. pdf

Bauer, J. and Pierroux, P. (2014) Expert and Adolescent Interpretive Approaches in a National Art Museum, Museum Management and Curatorship.Vol 29 (3):260-279. Open access pdf

Andreassen, I. and Pierroux, P. (2013) “How do you know that?” A study of narrative and mediation at an archaeological excavation site, Nordisk Museologi. (1):67-85.

Pierroux, P. and Skjulstad, S. (2011) Composing a public image online: Art museums and narratives of architecture in Web mediation, Computers & Composition, 28: 205-214. pdf

Pierroux, P., Krange, I. and Sem, I. (2011) Bridging Contexts and Interpretations: Mobile Blogging on Art Museum Field Trips, Mediekultur, 50: 25-44. pdf

Steier, R. and Pierroux, P. (2011) What is ‘the concept’? Sites of conceptual understanding in a touring architecture workshop, Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, 6 (3): 138-156. pdf

Books and Chapters

Pierroux, P., Sauge, B., and Steier, R. (in press). Exhibitions as a Collaborative Research Space for University-Museum Partnerships. In Achim, M., Drotner, K., and Haldrup, M. (Eds.) Experimental Museology. Institutions. Representations. Users. Routledge.

Pierroux, P. and Rudi, J.  (in press) Teaching Music Composition with Digital Tools: A Domain-Specific Perspective. In K. Knutson, T. Okada and Crowley, K. (Eds.) Multidisciplinary Approaches to Art Learning and Creativity: Fostering Artistic Exploration in Formal and Informal Settings. Routledge.

Crowley, K., Pierroux, P., Knutson, K. (forthcoming) Informal Learning in Museums.  In Sawyer, K. (Ed.) The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences. 3rd Edition. Cambridge University Press.

P. Hetland, P. Pierroux & L. Esborg (Eds.) (2020) A History of Participation in Museums and Archives. Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities. New York: Routledge. 302 pp.

  • Pierroux, P., Hetland, P. & Esborg, L. (2020). Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities: Tacking Stitches. In P. Hetland, P. Pierroux & L. Esborg (Eds.), A History of Participation in Museums and Archives. Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities (Chapter 1, pp. 1-24). New York: Routledge.
  • Pierroux, P., Bäckström, M., Brenna, B., Gowlland, G. & Ween, G. (2020). Museums as Sites of Participatory Democracy and Design. In In P. Hetland, P. Pierroux & L. Esborg (Eds.), A History of Participation in Museums and Archives. Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities (Chapter 2, pp. 25-45). New York: Routledge.
  • Pierroux, P. (2020). Citizen Science, Citizen Humanities: Relevance for Museum Research and Practice. In P. Hetland, P. Pierroux & L. Esborg (Eds.) A History of Participation in Museums and Archives. Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities (Chapter 14, pp. 272-96). New York: Routledge.


Pierroux, P., Steier, R., and Sauge, B. (2019) Imagining, Designing and Exhibiting Architecture in the Digital Landscape. In Å. Mäkitalo, T. Nicewonger & M. Elam (Eds.), Designs for Experimentation and Inquiry: Approaching Learning and Knowing in Digital Transformation. Chapter 5, pp. 87-109. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. Open Access

Pierroux, P. (2018). Learning and Engagement in Museum Mediascapes. In K. Drotner, V. Dziekan, R. Parry, & K. C. Schrøder (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication. Chapter II.3, pp. 128-142. Routledge. Hb: 978-1-138-67630-5 Accepted Manuscript.

Pierroux, P. and Steier, R. (2016). Making it Real: Transforming a University and Museum Research Collaboration into a Design Product. In V. Svihla & R. Reeve (Eds.), Design as Scholarship in the Learning Sciences, Chapter 9, pp. 115-129, London: Routledge.

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Pierroux (2012) Real Life Meaning in Second Life Art. In B. Gentikow, E. Skogseth, and Østerud, S. (Eds.) Literacy Practices in Late Modernity. Managing Technological and Cultural Convergencies, (Chapter 10, pp. 177-198). Hampton Press: Cresskill NJ. pdf

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Rudi, J. and Pierroux, P. (2009) Framing Learning Perspectives in Computer Music Education. In Dean, R. (Ed.) Oxford Handbook of Computer Music and Digital Sound Culture, (Chapter 26, pp. 536-556). Oxford University Press: Oxford. pdf


Conference Presentations (selected)

Steier, R. and  Pierroux, P. Mapping Mediated Interaction in Museums: VisiTracker tool for ethnographic observations of visitor groups. International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, CSCL 2019. Lyon, June 17-21, 2019.

Pierroux, P., Steier, R. and Qvale, A. Studying Visitors' Exhibition Experiences in a Virtual Reality Environment. Visitor Studies Association Annual Conference. Detroit, July 10-13, 2019.

Christidou, D. and Pierroux, P. A Study of Touch as a Way of Knowing in an Art Exhibition. Visitor Studies Association Annual Conference, Detroit, July 10-13, 2019.

Pierroux, P., Steier, R., Sauge, B., Qvale, A., Liu, T., Larse, O.P., and Rudi, J. Anticipating Embodied Virtual Experiences in Architecture Exhibitions. Anticipation 2019. Oslo, October 9-11, 2019.

Pierroux, P. Analyzing Embodied Interpretation and Touch in a Sculpture Gallery / Multisensory Digital Curatorship as Experimental Practice, College Art Association (CAA) Conference, New York, NY, February 15-19th, 2017.

Pierroux, P. and Qvale, A. Studying Group Interactions with Visitracker: A Design-Based Research-Practice Partnership. Visitor Studies Association Annual Conference, Boston, July 19-23, 2016.

Pinto, S. and Pierroux, P. Developing an interactive tabletop application for ‘creative interpretation’ in art museums. CSCL 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 8-12, 2015.

de Sousa, F., Rasmussen, I. and Pierroux, P. Teaching Ethics and Moral Reasoning Using Commercial Video Games in School. EARLI 2015, Limassol, Cyprus, August 25-29, 2015.

Sanchez, E. and Pierroux, P. Gamifying the Museum: Teaching for Games Based ‘Informal’ Learning. European Conference on Games Based Learning, Steinkjer, Norway, October 8-9, 2015.

Smørdal, O., Nesnass, R., Pierroux, P., and Sem, I. Snøkult: Designing a multitouch table for co-composition in an educational setting. FabLearn. Conference on Creativity and Fabrication in Education, Stanford University, 25-26 October, 2014. pdf

Steier, R. & Pierroux, P.  Designing Interactives in Art Museums: Situating Learning Technologies and Interactions in Gallery Space. AERA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, April 3-7, 2014.

Pierroux, P., Qvale, A., Steier, R. and Sauge, B.  Posing with Art: Researching and Designing for Performative Acts of Interpretation. In N. Proctor and R. Cherry (Eds.), Museums and the Web 2014: Proceedings, pp. 233-248. Baltimore, MD., April 2-5, 2014.



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