Hoang Bao Ngo

Head Engineer - Department of Education
Image of Hoang Bao Ngo
Mobile phone +47 97793482 +47-97793482
Available hours 08:00-16:00
Visiting address Forskningsparken Gaustadalleén 21 0349 Oslo
Other affiliations Teknisk- administrativ gruppe


Fullstack developer at EngageLab, current project is Talkwall.

Software bugs makes the world goes around.



Master in Informatics: Programming and Network from the University of Oslo.

Bachelor in Informatics: Programming and Network from the University of Oslo.


C\C++, Java, Assembly, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, VueJS, ReactJS, Vuetify.

SQL, PostGreSQL, EPL, Emerald.

Tags: EngageLab


Tiling of panorama video for interactive virtual cameras: Overheads and potential bandwidth requirement reduction

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