Open seminar: Wolfgang Heuer on “Hannah Arendt on the traps of the Nation-state”

In his lecture, Wolfgang Heuer will explore Hannah Arendt’s critical view of the Nation-state.

Photo courtesy of the Hannah Arendt Bluecher Literary Trust and Jerome Kohn


For Arendt the Nation-state is incapable to solve minority problems and to guarantee peace. She didn’t any longer view the political construction of the Nation-state as the adequate institutional form for democracy and sovereignty in modern times. Heuer will ask how convincing Arendt’s alternative is: the radical distinction between law and power, between liberation and the foundation of freedom, and the division of sovereignty by federalism.


16.00 - 16.10 Introductions by Dr. Helgard Mahrdt, statsstipendiat, Department of Education

16.10 - 17.00 Dr. Wolfgang Heuer, Otto Suhr-Institute for Political Science, Free University Berlin: Hannah Arendt on the traps of the Nation-state

17.00 - 18.00 Debate

The seminar will be followed by a casual reception in which we share some wine, meze and friendly conversations.



Wolfgang Heuer (photo: private) lectures at the Otto Suhr-Institute for Political Science, Free University Berlin. His research interests are in political philosophy, with a particular focus on Hannah Arendt, civic courage, and corporate social responsibility. He is  a member of the international research project “The remnants of evil in post-totalitarian society”,  guest professor in Brazil and Chile  and managing director of the online journal . His publications (with Bernd Heiter & Stefanie Rosenmüller) include Arendt Handbuch (J.B. Metzler 2011), “The Nameless Heritage of the European Résistance”, Annals of the Croatian Political Science Association 2012, Zagreb 2013, “Horror and Laughter. At the Limits of Political Science”, Zoran Kurelic (ed.): Violence, Art, and Politics, Zagreb 2015.

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