Book launch: "Professional Responsibility: New Horizons of Praxis"

What does professional responsibility entail in an increasingly insecure, unpredictable and de-regulated world?


This is the core question addressed in this text. The point of departure for the various contributions is that Professional Responsibility is a way of being in the world that includes a particular mandate—to behave in a manner consistent with moral and societal obligations as a professional. Increasingly, however, there is a lack of consensus as to what such mandates imply, and even more dissensus as to what appropriate exercise of responsibility entails.
The book is presented by several of the authors who, from normative and empirical perspectives, problematize and suggest direction for the development of professional responsibility.


  • 16.00: A brief overview of the book by the editors. Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke and Ciaran Sugrue
  • 16.15: Professional Responsibility Under Pressure? Tomas Englund &Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke
  • 16.25: Teaching Professional Responsibility-A Clash of Approaches in Legal and Nursing Education. William Sullivan & Molly Sutphen
  • 16.35: Brief Discussion: How and what do the chapters contribute to professional responsibility?
  • 16.45: Leadership: Professionally Responsible Rule Bending and Breaking? Ciaran Sugrue
  • 16.55: Re-framing Professional Responsibilities in Nursing: Exploring Competing Constructions of Responsibility. Sally Wellard and Kristin Heggen
  • 17.05: Teacher Education for Professional Responsibility: What Should it Look Like? Berit Karseth
  • 17.15: Comments by Jorunn Møller
  • 17.30: Discussion: How and what do the chapters contribute to professional responsibility?
  • 18.00 - 19.00: Light food and wine/soft drinks - and the discussion continues!

Admission: Free, but for catering purposes, please register with by Sept. 11.

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