Open seminar: The legacy of the Assessment Reform Group and «Assessment for Learning» in the UK

The research group for Curriculum Studies, Educational Leadership and Governance (CLEG) is proud to present an open seminar with Professor Gordon Stobart from Institute of Education in London. 

Gordon Stobart

Foto: CLEG

About the seminar

Stobart will share his experiences from the Assessment Reform Group and work with «Assessment for Learning» in the UK, while PhD students from the CLEG research group will address aspects of their research that are relevant to Stobart’s presentation. Both parts of the session will be open and there will be chances for participators to ask questions and engage in plenum discussions.

Gordon Stobart

Stobart is a Professor emeritus at the Institute of Education in London and a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment. After working eight years as a secondary school teacher he retrained as an Educational Psychologist and moved into educational research after conducting his doctoral studies in the United States as a Fulbright Scholar. He is a former editor (2003-2008) of the journal Assessment in Education and currently serves on its executive board. In his most recent book Testing Times – the uses and abuses of assessment (2008) Stobart addresses the multiple purposes and inappropriate uses of assessments and tests.

Stobart is a founding member of the Assessment Reform Group (ARG) in the United Kingdom, which was disbanded in 2010 having been at the forefront of challenging thinking and practice in relation to all aspects of assessment for more than 20 years. Its aim was to ensure that assessment policy and practice at all levels takes account of relevant research evidence. ARG included acknowledged UK scholars such as Paul Black, Dylan Wiliam, Patricia Broadfoot, John Gardner, Caroline Gipps, Wynne Harlen, Kathryn Ecclestone, Mary James, Richard Daugherty, Paul Newton and Jo-Anne Baird.


10:15     Welcome

Berit Karseth, Professor and Head of the CLEG research group

10:30     The legacy of the Assessment Reform Group and «Assessment for Learning» in the UK

Gordon Stobart, Professor and founding member of Assessment Reform Group

11:30     Plenum discussions

12:00     Lunch

12:45     Assessment Reform Group and the Norwegian context 

Sverre Tveit, PhD research fellow, Department of Educational Research

13:30     Curriculum and assessment in Norway and Finland

Christina Elde Mølstad, PhD research fellow, Department of Educational Research

14:00     Conclusion


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