Open seminar: Autonomy of higher education institutions

Presenters are dr. Tatiana Fumasoli (Arena, HEIK), prof. Peter Maassen (HEIK) and prof. Åse Gornitzka (SV, HEIK)


This seminar will discuss university institutional autonomy according to three significant aspects.

First, it deconstructs the concept of autonomy by making explicit its underlying assumptions and by highlighting the nature of the state and of its relation with universities. In so doing it proposes an institutional approach to study autonomy.

Second, it investigates how institutional autonomy affects organizational design according to centralization, formalization, standardization and flexibility.

Third, it examines the tension between higher education system integration and university autonomy. The seminar will also present the empirical setting based on the Flagship project, where fifteen departments in eight European flagship universities are analyzed. The necessity to investigate the “living autonomy” at the department level is highlighted through the discussion of a research agenda.

Published Nov. 14, 2012 3:07 PM - Last modified Apr. 16, 2015 3:26 PM