Open seminar: Learning environments in higher education: What are we really talking about?

Presenter: Iyad Abualrub

Iyad Abualrub

Photo: Shane Colvin


The article aims to provide a critical examination of the concept of “learning environment” following the increased attention among educational researchers and policy makers to the concept. Based on a review of the literature, the current article identifies how the concept of learning environment is being researched, and how the research conducted can be categorized through three different analytical lenses. The review of research in the area shows a close link between i) research on learning environments and the development and dynamics of higher education – especially related to the impact of massification, internationalization and globalization, ii) the idea of learning environments as a concept almost exclusively linked to student perceptions. In the conclusion, the article argues for a more multifaceted research agenda, not least including more organizational perspectives.

About the author

Iyad Abualrub is a PhD candidate at the Department of Educational Research and a member of the HEIK research group. His PhD thesis focuses on the concept of learning environments.


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