Open seminar: Education, democratic citizenship and the public sphere - Civic learning beyond socialization.

Seminar with Professor Gert Biesta, University of Luxemburg

Gert Biesta, photo: University of Luxemburg

About the seminar

“The relationships between education and citizenship tend to focus strongly on questions about the opportunities that can be created for children and young people to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will make them into good citizens. While the intuition behind this way of conceiving of the task of civic education is not wrong, the way in which this is translated into educational practices and the way in which this line of thinking informs research raises a number of problems. These problems first of all have to do with understandings of democracy and citizenship and, in relation to this, with questions about learning and education.”

In his presentation Professor Biesta will discuss these underlying assumptions in order to argue for a different way to connect education and democratic citizenship, one that does not conceive of the educational task in terms of socialization but rather in terms of what he will refer to as democratic subjectification. He explores what this means for citizenship education and civic learning and will particularly highlight the public dimension of these processes and practices.

Professor Biesta will use his own book 'Learning democracy in school and society' (Springer, 2011) as his point of departure. The book deals with a range of different issues with regard to education, democracy and citizenship, and he will talk to us about some of the key ideas that have informed the book and that have to do with relationships between education, democratic citizenship and the public sphere.

After Professor Biesta’s introduction there will be prepared commets from Professor Emeritus Lars Løvlie, IPED, and Associate Professor Kirsten Sivesind, ILS

The book is available at akademika book shop and at the UiO Librabry where they also have an electronic version for those who are connected to the UiO-network with their UiO username and password.

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