Open seminar: "Catherine Malabou: plasticity, political ontology, biopower and education"

The HumStud research group invite to an open seminar with Professor Nick Peim, University of Birmingham. The aim with the seminar is to explore Catherine Malabou’s philosophy and its potential relevance for education.

French philosopher Catherine Malabou. Photo: European Graduate School

About the seminar

The French philosopher, Catherine Malabou is both an inheritor and a contestant of major strands of continental philosophy, from Hegel to Heidegger.

In doing so, she draws on shifts in the scientific thinking as a metaphysical resource. Her interest in neuroscience, the history of biology and epigenetics enables her turning against and rethinking of the philosophical tradition itself.

But to what degree may Malabou’s way of re-thinking philosophy carry relevance for education?


16.15 Welcome and a short introduction, Torill Strand

16.20 Catherine Malabou: plasticity, political ontology, biopower and education, Nick Peim

17.00 Comments, Kjetil H. Hogstad

17.30 Discussion

The seminar will be followed by a casual reception in which we share some tapas, wine and friendly conversations.

Senior lecturer Nick Peim, School of Education, University of Birmingham. Photo: Private

Nick Peim is a senior lecturer in the School of Education, University of Birmingham. His research interests include contemporary philosophies of education and educational research, the governance of education and education as governance, and language and identity. Some recent publications are “Education, Schooling and Democracy: Some Fundamental Questions”, “The School to Come: Special Edition” and “Some Contemporary Currents in Research Thinking”


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