Open seminar: "Political philosophy of education"

We are delighted to invite to a research seminar with Professor Marianna Papastephanou on political philosophy of education.The aim with the seminar is to explore possible challenges and pitfalls of political education today.

Marianna Papastephanou. Photo: Private

About the seminar

The seminar opens with a short film, Der Schwarzfahrer (1993), followed by a broader debate on the issues, challenges and stakes of ethical-political education today.

Next, we set out to explore some philosopher’s statement on political education. In doing so, we hope to initiate a more in-depth exploration of the many faces – pretty and ugly – of political philosophy of education.

Some reading material will be distributed in advance. Please, email if you consider attending the seminar.

Download flyer (pdf)

Photo: Routledge

Marianna Papastephanou is Professor II at the Faculty of educational sciences and currently teaching Philosophy of Education in the Department of Education at the University of Cyprus. Her research interests include political philosophy, the 'modern vs postmodern' divide, utopia, the Frankfurt School and epistemological, linguistic and ethical issues in education. She is the editor of K-O Apel: From a Transcendental-Semiotic Point of View (Manchester University Press, 1997), the author of Educated Fear and Educated Hope (Sense Publishers, 2009) and Thinking Differently about Cosmopolitanism (Routledge, 2015).




Published Oct. 13, 2016 1:16 PM