Open seminar: "Expertise and epistemic work in pedagogies of resilience"

Presenter is Nick Hopwood, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Nick Hopwood. Photo: Private

Abstract of seminar

In this seminar Nick will report findings from two studies of professional work and expertise in services for families with young children at-risk. The talk explores relationships between epistemic work, expertise and forms of pedagogy that build resilience in families where circumstances impinge on child and family wellbeing. Theoretically, these findings reflect engagement with contemporary practice and sociomaterial ideas, as well as cultural-historical concepts of agency, relational work and reasoning. Four main findings and conceptual developments will be discussed: (1) pedagogies of the unknown (how to help someone learn when you don’t know what they should learn); (2) handover as sites of emergent learning (tools and objects of epistemic work); (3) partnership activities (mapping changing objects to forms of professional expertise and responsibility); and (4) common knowledge (aligning what matters as what makes the difference in partnership work).

A bit about Nick

Nick is senior lecturer at the Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in the School of Education, Faculty of Arts & Social Science. He has a longstanding interest in questions of learning, pedagogy, work, expertise and how these intersect. Most recently his work has focused on partnership relationships between professionals and parents of young children, with a parallel project looking at simulation in higher education. What links these is a theoretical approach informed by sociomaterialism, practice philosophy, and cultural-historical theory. Nick has a blog ( with information about his research, publications and a series of posts for research students and early career researchers. On twitter he is @NHopUTS and his current project has its own handle - @BetterFutureUTS

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