Open seminar: "Course experience and student engagement"

Presenter in this seminar are Laurent Cosnefroy, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon/Institut français de l’éducation, France

Laurent Cosnefroy. Photo. Private

Abstract of seminar

On the basis of two studies undertaken with 400 French undergraduate students, the presentation will examine the relationships between student engagement and course experience. Both concepts can be broken down into different components. Course experience has a significant impact on student engagement, but some components are more influential than others. Similarly, these are only specific components of student engagement that have a significant impact on study success. These results will first be discussed and then rethought on a more general perspective on teaching quality.

About Laurent

Laurent Cosnefroy received a PhD in social psychology and is currently a full professor in higher education at the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon/Institut français de l’éducation, France. He is mainly interested in learning and teaching issues in higher education, such as student engagement, self-regulated learning, teacher training, team-learning activities, teaching quality and learning quality, impact of international experience on students and teachers.

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