Open seminar: "Strengthening Research for Development in the African Context"

Presenter in this seminar is Professor Teboho Moja from New York University (NYU).

Abstracts of the seminar

There is growing interest amongst governments in Africa and development agencies to drive development through research. One initiative is driven by the Science Granting Councils (SGCs) in Sub-Saharan Africa, who are exploring partnerships and collaborations amongst themselves to enhance their capacity to address development agendas. This initiative is paralleled by university initiatives such as the Alliance of Research Universities in Africa (ARUA) to enhance their capacity as well in research and knowledge production. Funding models are reviewed and there is interest in mobilizing local resources through public-private partnerships to support research and innovation. Is Africa finally on the path to enhance its development agenda? This session will explore the development agenda set for Africa and some of the issues that need to be addressed.

About Teboho Moja:

Teboho Moja is clinical professor of Higher Education in New York University (NYU). She has authored articles on higher education reform issues in areas such as the governance of higher education, policy processes, and impact of globalization on higher education. To read more about prof. Teboho Moja please see here





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