Open Lecture: Knowledge network and educational reform

The research group CLEG welcomes you to an open lecture with Professor Helen Gunter, Manchester University, UK.

Professor Helen Gunter, Manchester University

About the lecture

The social sciences continues to focus on the shift from government to governance through networks. This has generated important policy work regarding the identification and mapping of network members and interconnectedness between people and organisations. In this paper Helen Gunter examines the work she has been doing on knowledge production, where she used her research into school leadership to examine the types of knowledge and knowing and knowers. She identifies the importance of networks and networking within knowledge production through what she calls institutional governance and regimes of practice. In doing so she produces a critique of networks and networking where she demonstrate the continued importance of hierarchy, and she confirms that networks replicate the forms of hierarchy that they are meant to replace.

Helen Gunter

Professor Helen Gunter's main research interest is in the modernisation of education as policy and practice at national and local levels. This has two strands to it:

  • how teachers, teaching, learners and learning are being structured through performance management systems, and more recently remodelling;
  • how knowledge production within the field of educational leadership has sustained or challenged these policy strategies.

She is particularly interested in using Bourdieus tools of field, habitus and capital to describe, understand, and explain modernisation.

She has been involved in a range of projects on policy change in education and how these developments are being handled, and in particular now interventions in practice support learning and learners. In addition to this she has led major projects on public policy and knowledge in the field of educational leadership.


Published May 10, 2013 1:32 PM - Last modified June 26, 2013 2:34 PM