Open lecture: A multimodal perspective on engaging with and producing texts in digital environments

Guest lecture with Professor Carey Jewitt, Institute for Education, University of London.

Professor Carey Jewitt, University of London. Photo: University of London

About the lecture

A multimodal perspective is central to understanding the characteristics of how people engage with the potentials of contemporary digital media and produce texts. Multimodality attends to the use of modal features of digital environments and how this reshapes principles of composition, the characteristics and roles of writing, image and other modes online, and the ways in which these resources are orchestrated.

The semiotic effects of the design of these multimodal digital texts will be explored in relation to practices of production, ‘reception’ and ‘reading’. In particular, the emergence of new forms of social organization via the ‘platforms’ of social media, and the changing role of writing in terms of textual forms. It will explore the features that are becoming available to make meaning with via digital/online writing (e.g. font, layout), and examine emerging devices for shaping coherence, shifts in framing, agency and genre in response to the social arrangements of on-line interaction.

The lecture is a part of the the nordic PhD course "Methodologies of Studying Transforming Literacies", running from 18th- 19th of March.

Carey Jewitt

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