Open lecture with professor Lyn Yates: Curriculum and Capacity-Building; Some Contemporary Tensions

Curriculum, as distinct from the narrower term learning, is concerned with forming the person (values, dispositions, social relationships) as well as building capacities, abilities, achievements. In the past half-century global developments have significantly influenced national and regional curriculum activities on both fronts: by Millennial Goals and projects related to a ‘global citizen’; and by the pervasive influence of OECD-led assessments and rankings as authoritative measures of what is being achieved. At the same time, recent curriculum reforms in different countries suggest tensions in the resulting reforms: for example, a concern to build stronger national identifications in the context of global pressures; and a desire for new global ‘21st century skills’ coming up against audit culture conservative testing regimes, and the problem of what are the real foundations for knowledge today. The lecture will illustrate the tensions outlined by reference to the new national curriculum framework being developed in Australia

Lyn Yates

Foto: University of Melbourne


Berit Karseth, Department of Educational Research

About Lyn Yates

Professor Lyn Yates is Foundation Professor of Curriculum at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests are in theoretical and empirical projects related to knowledge, identities, inequalities and the changing world; and education policies and practices in relation to these issues. She has recently been working on a project analysing state differences and changing conceptions of school curriculum from the mid 1970s to 2005, with particular attention to the changing ideas about what knowledge looks like and what kinds of outcomes matter; and to the growing impact of management practices on curriculum construction. In 2010 a number of journal articles related to the project were published, including a special issue of the European Journal of Education [45(10] on Knowledge, Globalisation and Curriculum. In 2011, two new major edited books from this project have been published, a World Yearbook of Education which brings together international writing about on Curriculum in Today’s World: configuring knowledge, identities, work and politics (Routledge); and a book focused on Australia, entitled Australia’s Curriculum Dilemmas: state cultures and the big issues (Melbourne University Publishing).



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