Open lecture: "Equity in educational sciences today and the contribution of philosophy"

We are delighted to invite to an open lecture with Professor Marianna Papastephanou.

Marianna Papastephanou. Photo: Private


  • Welcome and a short introduction by Torill Strand
  • Equity in educational sciences today and the contribution of philosophy, Marianna Papastephanou
  • Comments by Kristinn Hegna
  • Discussion

Marianna Papastephanou, University of Cyprus and University of Oslo, teaches philosophy of education. She is author of many topical books and papers on political philosophies of education.

Kristinn Hegna teaches youth studies at Department of Education, University of Oslo. Her research interests relate to youth and adolescence, development, identity, social background and education

Torill Strand teaches philosophy of education at Department of Education, University of Oslo. She is currently in charge of a Nordic study that aims to re-think ethical-political education (Bildung) in and for today’s societies.


This lecture begins with a brief exploration of educational outlooks on equity and of the growing interest in this concept. Educational sciences today consider equity ‘in and through education’ an important goal/aim of schooling. However, as part of hegemonies in global educational ‘policyscapes’, equity also figures as a notion in whose name many measures and introduced practices find legitimization. What might the position of educational philosophy be concerning the educational engagement with equity?  I provide a merely indicative though critical answer to this question by mapping the so far deployed response of educational theory while also detecting a serious lack in conceptual work on what counts as equity.  Then I turn to my own suggestions for another possible educational-philosophical contribution to educational preoccupation with equity. I argue that an important first step should be a search for a more precise meaning of equity and a deconstruction of some dominant views on equity. Finally, I argue that research in equity requires an as yet non-theorized 'discursive equity' which enables more theoretical diversity and hybridity and enriches the engagement with equity in, through and for political education.

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Marianna Papastephanou University of Cyprus, is professor II at Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo. She has studied and taught at the University of Cardiff and also studied and researched in Berlin, Germany. She is currently teaching Philosophy of Education in the Department of Education at the University of Cyprus. Her research interests include political philosophy, the 'modern vs postmodern' divide, utopia, the Frankfurt School and epistemological, linguistic and ethical issues in education. She is the editor of K-O Apel: From a Transcendental-Semiotic Point of View (Manchester: MUP, 1997), and the author of: Educated Fear and Educated Hope (Rotterdam, Sense Publishers, 2009); and Thinking Differently About Cosmopolitanism (Boulder, Paradigm, 2012).



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