Talkwall Innovation

The research project DIDIAC (Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum) involves researchers and technology developers working together in partnerships with teachers to develop educational practices based on new technology and interactivit


Two sources

The project uses methods for developing a dialogical pedagogy from 2 different research-based resources:

  • the Thinking Together program developed at the University of Cambridge, and
  • the microblogging service Talkwall, developed at the University of Oslo in collaboration with teachers. Talkwall is a freely available responsive web app.


Stats from show that in total, there are around 300 - 400 users per day in Talkwall. These are unique users, and count both students and teachers. Talkwall has approximately 5000 unique users per month.

Talkwall 2020

  • The Talkwall service has been upgraded in relation to GDPR, in Norway we have a login with FEIDE, and the educational resources are now more closely integrated into the service.
  • In addition, Talkwall now also includes an opportunity to add content and links (via twitter cards) and to create and share lesson plans with colleagues.
  • Talkwall has open source (AGPL), and is built with NodeJS, Mongo and Wue and uses MQTT for message management. We have worked with NDLA (National digital learning arena in Norway) and FIKS (Research, innovation and competence development in the school) at the University of Oslo.
  • In response to Covid-19, guidance on using Talkwall to support remote teaching has been produced (for both K-12 and higher education). 

For full information, please visit Samtavla Innovation`s Norwegian site

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