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Understanding Teachers as Designers (completed)

What types of problems arise when teachers adapt instructional material to meet disciplinary demands and the needs of their students? How do teachers solve these challenges?

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About the Project

This study intends to compare how teachers from different grade levels and subject classes re-design generic literacy worksheets. We are interested in what design decisions teachers make, as well as understanding the reasoning behind these decisions.

Participating teachers will be given a collection of worksheets. The participants will then select one worksheet to be used before, during, or after reading in a regular content-area class. We would like the teachers to adapt the worksheet to the needs and demands of their class, then try it out with their pupils, and lastly, reflect on whether further changes to the worksheet is needed.

Are you interested in taking part in the research project?

We invite teachers from all subject classes (grades 4 and up) to participate.

To participate, please send an email to Joshua Lawrence or the research assistant Jenny Thorbjørnsen (


The project is collaborating with Reading Ways who are providing the worksheets and helping with the re-designs.



The project is funded by TextDIM


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Any queries regarding the project can be directed to Joshua Lawrence.


Detailed list of participants