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Cultural Heritage Mediascapes: Innovation in Knowledge and Mediation Practices (completed)

A project investigating digital mediation, youth participation and knowledge practices in museums and archives.

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VisiTracker studies in Belvedere Museum.

Photo credit: Armin Plankensteiner, University of Vienna, Department of Art History

The aim of the Cultural Heritage Mediascapes project (2015-2020) is to deepen our understanding of how digitization and participatory models are transforming knowledge practices in museums and archives. A shared focus in the project is on young people's contributions to digital cultural heritage, and on the implications of interest-driven learning environments for policy and research in the cultural sector.

The interdisciplinary team is organized in research-practice partnerships, and includes learning scientists, historians, museum curators, architects, and specialists in biodiversity informatics, memory archives, and science and technology policy evaluation. Innovative methodological tools and approaches are developed to advance the field of audience research and visitor studies.

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Project Leader

Palmyre Pierroux