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Formation and Competence Building of University Academic Developers

While teaching and learning are core activities in universities, there is little research-based knowledge on academic developers, who are entrusted to teach university teachers and guide educational leadership.

About the project

One aim of this project is to develop and strengthen communities of practice among researchers and academic developers to build competence in academic development and understand the formation of academic developers. Another aim will be to contribute new knowledge on the formation and competence of academic developers in their work with university teachers and leaders, knowledge that will subsequently be used to improve study programs and teaching.

Members of the project group. Photo: Shane Colvin

To reach these aims, the project will investigate and analyze how academic developers may support the formation of highly skilled professionals, leaders and citizens.  To understand the formation of academic developers requires understanding the growing complexity that results from competing demands on institutions to support democracy in the interest of the public good.

The project team consists of researchers and practicing academic developers, who will study their practices.The project willdevelop and deploy ‘deliberative communication,’ an approach that encourages differences to be aired, multiple perspectives to be respected and consensus for action to be reached. To reflect on our practices as researchers and academic developers, deliberative communication will be used in both virtual and physical meetings.


Collaborative partners are researchers and academic developers from Uppsala University, The Arctic University of Tromsø, Örebro University, University College of Dublin, University of Oslo and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill .

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