Information about admission to international Masters Programmes at the Department of Education

The following information is relevant for only for Nordic applicants to the Master of Philosophy in Higher Education (HED) and to the Master of Philosophy in Comparative and International Education(CIE)

On this page Nordic applicants will find all necessary information regarding your application for admission to the Master programme in Comparative and International Education and Higher Education.

Application procedures for Nordic applicants

Admissions to these programmes is offered for fall semester only. You apply by filling in the e-form in Søknadsweb. In addition, you must send by regular post:

  1. Documentation of your Bachelor degree or Cand.Mag.
  2. Documentation of your English proficiency
  3. Statement of purpose (your motivation and research interest)
  4. Completed application form found here: application template (pdf)

Applications without the necessary documentation attached will not be considered for admission.

Deadline for application for Nordic applicants: 1. June

Norwegian/Nordic applicants, who have not matriculated at the University of Oslo, must apply for the programmes, using this form.

Criteria for enrollment is made on the basis of regulations decided by the University Board.

Criteria for admission

  • A Bachelor degree or a Cand. Mag. degree from an accredited University;
  • Knowledge of English equivalent to: Norwegian applicants may be exempt if they can provide documentary evidence that they have studied English from Upper Secondary School (videregående), grade 4 or better (Norwegian grading system); Applicants from other Nordic countries may be exempt if they can provide documentary evidence that they have studied English as their first foreign language for a period of at least 7 years during primary and upper secondary school education.
  • TOEFL with a minimum score of 550, or IELTS-exam with a minimum score of 6 is required for applicants without English equivalency exemption.
  • Motivation and research interest

Notification of admission will be given by 20. June. Applicants who are offered admission must confirm their acceptance through Søknadsweb no later than 15. July. The admission is not final until the student has paid semester fee and registered as a student at the University of Oslo through the Studentweb.

NB! The final transcript of grades must be sent to the Institute as soon as they are available and no later than 1. July.

For more information, please contact the Student Information Center Tlf. 22 84 44 45 E-mail:


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