Learning to Teach with Museums: Et symposium på Visions konferansen

The symposium presents research that explores learning across school-museum boundaries, and reflects on the implications of 'semi-formal' learning research for teacher education.

The symposium Learning to Teach with Museums is part of the the Visions 2011 conference, which focuses on challenges confronting present and future teaching and learning.

Studies exploring future developments in education and technology indicate a continuing shift toward a more diverse and complex learning landscape, where learning takes place within and across a wide range of sites and institutions. However, reform initiatives surrounding teaching and learning are not sufficiently preparing student teachers to meet these changes.

Museums are often singled out as an example of alternative arenas for learning outside – or in extension of – the classroom.

In this symposium, InterMedia researchers and their collaborators present four different research projects that explore ways in which collaborations and technologies are generating new and multiple literacies across institutional school-museum boundaries.

The aim of the symposium is to contribute to reflections on how this research may inform visions for teacher education in the future.


  • Snøkult: Teaching Concepts in Architecture in a Touring Museum Workshop (Rolf Steier and Palmyre Pierroux, InterMedia, University of Oslo)
  • Learning in Science across Schools and Museums: Implications for teacher education (Cecilie Flo Jahreie and Ingeborg Krange, InterMedia, University of Oslo)
  • Collecting – Reflecting – Sharing. A pilot connecting digital literacy, teacher education, and museum education programs (Dagny Stuedahl, InterMedia, University of Oslo and Bård K. Engen, Faculty of Education and International Studies, Oslo University College)
  • Designing Learning Technologies for ‘The Budding Researcher’ in Geology (Palmyre Pierroux and Ole Smørdal, InterMedia, University of Oslo and Anne Birkeland, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo)
Publisert 8. des. 2011 10:22 - Sist endret 20. mars 2017 15:28