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Emneord: Museum, Utdanning og teknologi, Pedagogikk


  • Christidou, Dimitra & Pierroux, Palmyre (2019). Art, touch and meaning making: an analysis of multisensory interpretation in the museum. Museum Management and Curatorship.  ISSN 0964-7775.  34(1), s 96- 115 . doi: 10.1080/09647775.2018.1516561
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  • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). From map using to map making: the museum experience through visitors’ digital maps.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Museum exhibitions and their visitors.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Publikumsutvikling: hva, hvem, hvordan og hvorfor.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Social Meaning Mapping as a means of exploring the visual in the museum.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2019). Social Meaning Mapping: a digital tool for visitors to map their museum experience.
  • Christidou, Dimitra & Pierroux, Palmyre (2019). A Study of Touch as a Way of Knowing in an Art Exhibition.
  • Christidou, Dimitra & Reitstätter, Luise (2019). Trails of walking, ways of talking: From observation to self-reflection.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Belvedere Visitracker.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Designing digital tools for exploring interaction in museums.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2018). Technology and big data – how technology can be harnessed to gain visitor insights: the Visitracker app.
  • Christidou, Dimitra & Pierroux, Palmyre (2018). Visitors’ Hands-on Encounters with Art: The role of touch in meaning making.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2017). Touching Art: A learning perspective.
  • Christidou, Dimitra (2017). Visitor Studies Understanding Visitors’ Meaning-Making Practices.
  • Christidou, Dimitra; Qvale, Anne & Pierroux, Palmyre (2017). Visitracker: A Tool for Visitor Studies.
  • Pierroux, Palmyre; Christidou, Dimitra & Qvale, Anne (2017). Hva ønsker vi å vite om publikum?.
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  • Christidou, Dimitra (2016). Museums and their social role.
  • Christidou, Dimitra & Diamantopoulou, Sophia (2016). Museum encounters: A choreography of visitors’ bodies in interaction.
  • Christidou, Dimitra & Diamantopoulou, Sophia (2016). The Choreography of Visitors' Participation While in the Museum.

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