Seminar on the 26 of May about the assessment tool STAS jr. [Video-recording available]

[Video-recording available].Oslo SPeLL invites you to STAS jr. seminar on the 26 of May with Jan-Erik Klinkenberg (retired, specialist in clinical psychology), Elsebet Skaar (Cand.paed.spec) and Sigrun Skaar Holme ( as hosts. STAS jr. is a assessment tool that the schools can use to identify pupils who are at risk of or in the process of developing reading og writing difficulties – including dyslexia and is strongly rooted in recent Norwegian and international research. STAS jr. consists of a short rating scale that is filled in by the teacher and several short and simple tests with Norwegian norms.

Video recording of presentation (in Norwegian):


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The seminar is organized in two parts, first a presentation of the November tests for 1st grade followed by a presentation of the May tests for May 1st grade, December 2nd grade and May 2nd grade. The November tests and the May tests will be sent to participants by email before the seminar. It is a prerequisite that all participants have printed these documents and brought this with them to benefit from the seminar. In addition, two articles will be sent to be published in June and October. It is adviced that these articles not will be shared outside UV as they are not published yet.

Breif information about STAS jr.
STAS jr. assesses reading skills and early decoding and spelling skills in November 1st grade (November tests for 1st grade). Skills in word decoding, phonological decoding, reading fluency and spelling are assessed in May 1st grade, December/January 2nd grade and May 2nd grade (May tests for 1st and 2nd grade). These tests are Norwegian adaptations of inernationally recognized tests. Most of the norms in STAS jr. is based on 120 – 90 randomly selected pupils from Østlandet at each standardization time. The goal is to identify pupils at risk for reading and spelling difficulties and are entitled to early and intensive instruction to improve their reading and writing ability.

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