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Postal address Post box 1140 Blindern 0318 Oslo

Current position

Professor (Mathematical learning difficulties), University of Oslo, 2017-; Docent, University of Helsinki, 2009-; Visiting professor (early childhood education), University of Johannesburg, 2015

Education and training

University of Helsinki, 1997 M. Ed. (incl. teacher qualification), 2002 Lic. Ed., 2006 PhD (special education)

Previous professional appointments              

  • University of Helsinki, Special Education: Professor (head of unit 2015-2016) (total 3 years 11 months) 2013-2017; University lecturer (total 3 years 11 months) 2010-2013.
  • University of Jyväskylä, Niilo Mäki Institute: Project manager & researcher (leading researcher) (2 years 11 months) 2007-2010; Post Doctoral researcher (9 months) 2006-2007
  • Singapore Finnish Supplementary School: Principal (incl. teaching) (9 months) 2006-2007.
  • University of Helsinki, Special Education: PhD student (4 years) (2002-2005)

Short term and visiting positions abroad

  • Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, Singapore: Visiting professor (1 month) 2016
  • University of Oslo, Norway: Visiting professor (3 years 5 months) 2014-2017
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology: visiting PhD-student (2 years) 1998-2000

Lectured courses

  • Mathematical learning difficulties courses (bachelor, master, in-service training; together 18) in University of Helsinki, University of Oslo and Niilo Mäki Institute.

Research interest

  • Development of mathematical skills
  • Assessment of mathematical skills, mathematical learning difficulties and related factors
  • Interventions for children at risk for learning difficulties in mathematics

Other academic and professional activities

  • Membership in scientific societies: 2 societies
  • Scientific per reviewed papers in international journals: 42, Personal Google Scholar H-Index 15 and ISI WoS index 6 (24.5.2017).
  • Referee for Scientific Journals: 17 journals
  • Member of editoral board for 4 international journals (Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology, 2017- 2018; Learning and Individual Differences, 2017-2019; South African Journal of Childhood Education, 2015- ; Journal of Early Childhood Research, 2012- )
  • Referee for International Research Grant proposals: 6

Curriculum Vitae

Pirjo Aunio: Curriculum Vitae (pdf)



Tags: Special Needs Education, Learning difficulties in mathematics


A1 Original scientific article (selected)

Journal ratings are inside the brackets in the end of each article. Finnish Publication Forum index  (FPB) has three levels:  1=basic, 2=leading, 3= top (www.tsv.fi/julkaisufoorumi/english). SJR ratings are checked on 3 April 2016 from www.scimagojr.com. I have marked # those that were part of my PhD-thesis.



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