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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Edvard Befring Befring, Edvard Professor Emeritus +47 22858059 edvard.befring@isp.uio.no
Picture of Monica Dalen Dalen, Monica Professor Emeritus +47-91514318 +47-91514318 monica.dalen@isp.uio.no Special Education, Behavioral-related learning disabilities, children and youth education, Inclusive Education, Adoption and International adoption
Picture of Liv Duesund Duesund, Liv Professor Emeritus liv.duesund@isp.uio.no Disruptive Behavior in Schools, Behavioral learning disorder, Eating disorder, Selfconcept, Apprenticeship, Skill model, The body and Learning, Phenomenology, Adapted Physical Activity, USA
Picture of Eva-Signe Falkenberg Falkenberg, Eva-Signe Professor emeritus e.s.falkenberg@isp.uio.no Habilitation and Rehabilitation, Special Education, Special Needs Education, Developemental Processes in Text Comprehension
Picture of Jørgen Frost Frost, Jørgen Professor emeritus jorgen.frost@isp.uio.no
Picture of Bente Eriksen Hagtvet Hagtvet, Bente Eriksen Professor emeritus +47-41601990 b.a.hagtvet@isp.uio.no
Picture of Berit Helen  Johnsen Johnsen, Berit Helen Emeritus
Picture of Liv Margarete  Lassen Lassen, Liv Margarete Professor emeritus +47 22858059 l.m.lassen@isp.uio.no
Picture of Solveig-Alma Halaas Lyster Lyster, Solveig-Alma Halaas Professor Emeritus +47-90653063 s.a.h.lyster@isp.uio.no
Picture of Liv Heidi Mjelve Mjelve, Liv Heidi l.h.mjelve@isp.uio.no
Picture of Sven Nilsen Nilsen , Sven Professor Emeritus sven.nilsen@isp.uio.no Inclusive Education, Special Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Reforms, Individual Education Plans, Evaluation research, Bullying.
Picture of Kjell Skogen Skogen, Kjell kjell.skogen@isp.uio.no
Picture of Reidun Synnøve  Tangen Tangen, Reidun Synnøve Professor emeritus +47-22858059 r.s.tangen@isp.uio.no
Picture of Steinar Theie Theie, Steinar +47 22858058 +47 90841167 steinar.theie@isp.uio.no
Picture of Kolbjørn Varmann Varmann, Kolbjørn Lecturer kolbjorn.varmann@isp.uio.no
Picture of Siri Wormnæs Wormnæs, Siri Professor emeritus siri.wormnas@isp.uio.no