Sven Nilsen

Professor Emeritus

Academic Interests

The academic interests are particularly concentrated on the relationship between inclusive education, adapted education and special needs education, seen in an education policy and didactic perspective. The interplay between adaptation through general education and special education is central. In this context, there is a particular focus on curriculum work, including the relationship between centrally determined curricula, the planning of class work and individual education plans (IEPs).




Higher education and employment history

  • Cand. polit from the Norwegian Teachers College/University of Trondheim.
  • Doctor's degree in special needs education (dr. scient.) from the University of Oslo.
  • Teacher in elementary school.
  • Senior Executive Officer in elementary school council (Specialized academic body for the Ministry of Church and Education).
  • PhD research fellow at the Department of special needs education .
  • Project leader and senior advisor at the Ministry of education and research.
  • Researcher at the Department of special needs education.
  • Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of special needs education, the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo.


  • Leader of the bachelor team at the Department of special needs education
  • Leader of the research group Inclusion and diversity - from a special education perspective
Tags: Inclusive Education, Special Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Reforms, Individual Education Plans, Evaluation research, Bullying.
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