Research at the Department of Special Needs Education

Academics and researchers at the Department work on a wide range of topics within the field of special needs education. According to their research interests they can form research groups to build capacity, exchange views and opinions on various research topics and methods and conduct highly professional studies.


Most of the priority research areas at the Department are managed by the research groups. There is also a number of interdisciplinary projects that involve participants from different research groups both on the faculty and department levels. This ensures academic debate and quality of the results which are published nationally and internationally. The research groups usually consist of both senior researchers, post. docs, research fellows, professors, etc. and are an important professional meeting space. Master students can also participate if they choose to write their final thesis on one of the topics relevant to a group.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences encourages the creation of the research groups. The most important criterion is the quality of the research and robustness of a group. International cooperation is also prioritized. Therefore, the Department of Special Needs Education is happy to frutifully work with partners from the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa and involve them in various research groups and projects.

The variety and interdisciplinarity of research conducted at the Department is reflected in the following groups:

Research groups based at ISP and affiliated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences

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