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EQOP PI Zachrisson participates in podcast about his important research studying the outcome of children who spend long days in daycare
EQOP PI Henrik Daae Zachrisson is appointed member of the government’s expert group, which will give advice on how to reduce consequences of child poverty

EQOP-researchers on the national morning news 

EQOP on Brookings

  • On Thursday Nov 3, EQOP PI Henrik Daae Zachrisson and colleagues published a summary of resent research on, arguing for the benefits of funding early education. The piece was timely, as the US Congress is about to vote on Biden’s infrastructure bill in the coming days, a bill that will expand funding of preschool. 

EQOP PI Zachrisson talked about educational inequality—and how ECEC can mitigate it—at a public event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at UiO. The mayor of Oslo was present and provided comments.

EQOP PI Zachrisson participates in podcast about consequences of childhood poverty and the role of early education in mitigating these (in Norwegian)

EQOP PI Zachrisson talks about growing up in a low income family at a seminar where the NGO «Voksne for barn» lanuches their new report about exclusion among adolecents. He also participates in a panel discussion with the mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen (in Norwegian)
EQOP participates at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD)

EQOP PI Zachrisson participates in podcast about consequences of poverty for schooling in Norway, and is also interviewed about this topic (both in Norwegian).

EQOP researcher Sandsør is interviewed about her research (in Norwegian) 

EQOP researchers Borgen and Sandsør had a talk at a seminar about their research at The Research Council of Norway (in Norwegian)

EQOP PI Zachrisson is interviewed about his research (in Norwegian)