Educational dialogues between typically developing children and their teachers in preschool and first grade (completed)

About the project

In this study we investigate interaction during different learning activities beween typically developing children and their teachers in preeschool and first grade. The overall purpose is to describe the characteristics of interactions between children and adults in the context of preschool and early schooling. With socio-cultural theory as a point of departure, a more specific goal is to identify and describe markers of “educational dialogues”, i.e. those mediating actions that appear to move the children to higher levels of understanding or language development.

The study employes a longitudinal multiple case deisign. Partisipants are a subsample of the part 1 cohort study consisting of 8 children age 5:09 to 6:01 attending the last year in preschool and their prechool teachers. 5 children are followed in to first grade. The main methodological approach is different observational techniques supplemented by teacher interviews. Results from the language testing (Part 1) will be used as a basis for studying the interrelations between language skills and interactions in learning activties.

Publication plan 

a. Educational dialogues between children and their preschool teachers: children’s active engagement during shared book reading.
Co-authored with Liv Inger Engevik and Bente Hagtvet. Submision december 2011

b. Interactive engagement, dynamics and mediation in educational dialogues- an empirical study of co-construction involving children with or without Down syndrome and their teachers
Co-authored with Liv Inger Engevik and Bente Hagtvet. Submision February 2012

c: Teacher mediation strategies during shared reading in preschool and first grade. Co-authored with Bente Hagtvet.  Submission August 2012.

Responsible: Hølland, Hagtvet (supervisor).


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