Open seminar: Supporting the Development of Children with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities

The research group ComPros at Department of Special Needs Education is hosting an open seminar on developmental needs of children with Down syndrome. Researchers from Vanderbilt University are contributing. The seminar will focus on reading skills, narrative skills, and cognitive functioning.   

illustrasjonsfoto av gutt med down syndrom som rekker opp hånd i klasserommet

Open seminar on developmental needs of children with Down syndrome. (Illustration photo: Colourbox)


12:45-13:00: Coffee and Introduction

13:00-13:30: Egil Nygård, Mikkel Glimsdal og Daniel Bryne

Glutensensitivity and development in children with Down syndrome

13:30-14:00: Kari-Anne B. Næss

Narrative skills in first graders with Down syndrome

14:00-15:30: Christopher Lemons and Lauren LeJeune

Supporting the reading needs of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities via technology: A discussion of three studies

About the lecturers

Professor in Psychology Egil Nygård (UiO) is member of the Norwegian Research network on Down syndrome. His research interest is especially related to biological factors that can explain cognitive development in children with Down syndrome.

Professor in Special Needs Education Kari-Anne B. Næss (UiO) is member of the Norwegian Research network on Down syndrome. Her Research intrests are related to language and reading disorders and interventions.

Associate Professor in Special Needs Education Christopher Lemons works at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University and is a member of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. His research focuses on improving academic outcomes for children and adolescents with intellectual, developmental, and learning disabilities.

PhD student Lauren Lejeune is about to submit her doctoral thesis. Her research interest is to identify interventions that would benefit students with academic and behavioral Challenges inclusive children with Down syndrome.

There will be possibilities for questions and discussions in between the presentations.


Deadline for registration is May 13.

The seminar is free of charge and open to all.


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