Democracy and Education: Reversing the Democratic Recession?

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Centennial Anniversary of John Dewey’s Democracy and Education, the HumStud research group invites to an open seminar on Dewey’s political philosophy of education.

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The seminar marks the centennial anniversary of the publication of John Dewey’s Democracy and Education (1916) and also the 70th Anniversary of John Dewey’s honorary doctorate at the University of Oslo. Dewey was awarded a doctor honoris causa on the grounds that he was “one of our time’s most influential philosophers, playing a vital role in the work to hinder fascism and Nazism” (from Vaage).

Dewey’s Democracy and Education represented a turning point in the educational discourse, initiating a radically new regime for educational theory and practice which has deeply influenced the 20th century’s educational discourse. But what may be the current relevance of John Dewey’s political philosophy of education?


The research seminar is organized as public lectures and parallel sessions. It concludes with a panel discussion on the relevance of John Dewey's political philosophy of education today.

We especially welcome teachers, school authorities, Nordic philosophers of education, students and staff at the University of Oslo.

10:00     Coffee
10:15     Opening session. Welcome and Key Note I:

"Rethinking the Ethical and Political Purposes of the School in the 21st Century
 Professor David Hansen, Teachers College, Columbia University

12:00     Lunch
13:15     Parallel sessions:

Session 1: Dewey on ethical-political education
Session 2: Beyond Dewey’s political thinking
Session 3: Reversing the democratic recession?

16:00     Refreshments
16:15     Closing session. Key note II and Panel discussion:

"Dewey, the Colonial Traveler"
Professor Marianna Papastephanou, Department of Education, University of Cyprus

Panel: Marianna Papastephanou, David Hansen, Lars Løvlie, Katariina Holma, David Östlund

18:00     Reception

A complete program including sessions and abstracts, can be found here (pdf)


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