Informal Learning in the 21st century

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the MEDIATE research group invites to an open lecture and a following open seminar.



Professor Kevin Crowley, University of Pittsburgh School of Education, USA

"Intervening in the Learning Ecosystem: How To Conceptualize, Support, and Assess Learning Pathways in Science"

ABSTRACT: Learning can be described as life-long and life-wide, with the vast majority of learning across a lifetime taking place in settings outside of formal schooling and training. Out-of-school settings, such as libraries, museums, and non-profit organizations, play a major role in supporting public learning, and the demand for structured learning opportunities for learners ranging from early childhood through adulthood is rising. 

Learning ecosystem frameworks conceptualize learning as a dynamic process that occurs across multiple settings, each of which offers unique actors, materials, tasks, resources, and relationships that contribute to developmental learning pathways. In this talk, I present research from my group focused on how this approach changes how we define learning, how we design learning environments, and how we assess both individual learning as well as the overall health and impact of regional learning ecosystems. 

Time: 13 December 2016, 10.00-11.00
Place: Helga Engs hus, Auditorium 2

We will serve coffee, tea, fruit and petit fours from 09.30.


"Informal Learning in the 21st century"

Time: 13 December 2016, 12.15-15.30
Place: Forskningsparken, meeting room Infra


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