IDEA StudentStudio: Rethinking the way UiO supports students’ learning through digital tools

Do you think using platforms such as Wikipedia, YouTube or Discord is useful for learning? How can the university support students when they use them for studying? 

Students in the vestibule of Helga Engs hus, working alone and in groups on digital devices.

Students work, socialize and collaborate on many different digital devices and platforms.

Foto: (Shane Colvin, UiO)

As part of Andrés Araos’ PhD project, The IDEA StudentTeam, represented by Linn Karolina Dalevi, organizes a workshop to address these issues!

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If you are interested in the potential that the Internet and online platforms have for improving education, and/or want to participate in the design of new technologies and activities for supporting students, then join the IDEA StudentStudio workshop!  

Portrait of Andres Arturo Araos Moya (Photo: Shane Colvin, UiO)
Portrait of Andres Arturo Araos Moya (Photo: Shane Colvin, UiO)

The workshop is divided into two parts: In the first part we will focus on identifying challenges and problems students face when using online platforms during course activities. In the second part we will focus on discussing, elaborating and proposing possible solutions to these issues

Pizza and refreshments will be served.


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Hva er IDEA StudentStudio? 

IDEA StudentStudio arrangerer workshoper og fungerer som en møteplass for studenter (og forelesere), der vi sammen kan diskutere, idemyldre og utforske hvordan innovasjon og teknologi kan gjøre opplevelser og læring bedre på UiO.

Emneord: Digitale læringsverktøy, Digital learning tools, digitale plattformer i utdanning, digitalisering
Publisert 27. sep. 2022 17:19 - Sist endret 2. des. 2022 10:07