Follow-up webinar on video coding

QUINT researchers join for another video coding webinar using PLATO as a framework for deeper discussions on instruction.

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QUINT Director Kirsti Klette opening the webinar. Photo: Katerina Houben, QUINT/UiO. 

Today QUINT researchers met for a follow up webinar to the video coding webinars that were held in June 2020. Once again, PLATO observation manual was used as the framework for discussion, ​but this time focusing on specific issues related to video coding. 

The premise for the discussion is that everyone has watched the same three videos.The goal is to start discussions across the Nordic countries and across different subject areas to investigate what instruction looks like in different areas, and to connect that to the PLATO manual and see if the differences we find in patterns and aspects of instruction are something PLATO can pick up. 

During the webinar groups were first divided into their specific subject areas- language arts, mathematics and social science - in order to focus on the unique features of instruction within each subject area. By highlighting where these features are visible in the selected videos and where they are missing in the videos from the other subjects, the groups discussed whether PLATO accounts in any way for these specific instructional practices.   

The participants later divided into cross-disciplinary groups in order to discuss with colleagues from different didactic traditions and question what makes instruction unique in each subject.

QUINT Director Kirsti Klette emphasised how much she enjoys doing these exercises:

– I love to watch these videos as they are wonderful representations of  teaching practices across the different countries in these subject areas, she said. 

Many of the participants expressed their interest in doing these kinds of video coding workshops more frequently, and this is certainly something QUINT plans to do more of in the future. 

Tags: video coding, PLATO, webinar, education, research By Larissa Lily, QUINT/UiO
Published Oct. 21, 2020 3:09 PM