PLATO workshop for coders

A zoom workshop for PLATO certified coders this week was one of the virtual meetings held to replace the June conference in Iceland.  

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Centre Director Kirsti Klette opening the zoom workshop for PLATO certified coders. Photo: Larissa Lily, QUINT / UiO

It is a great pity that we had to postpone this year’s QUINT conference in Reykjavik due to the pandemic travel restrictions. This is especially regrettable as the planned PhD Summer Institute included very high level papers from 40 PhD candidates from all over the world. The conference in Iceland has been postponed to June 2021, and this year instead we are holding two zoom workshops for analysing and discussing video data. 

The Protocol for Language Arts Teaching Observations (PLATO) is a classroom observation protocol designed to capture features of English/Language Arts (ELA) instruction. It was developed to study the relationship between teachers' classroom practices and their impact on student learning.

The first workshop took place on 2. June and was arranged for QUINT members already certified in using the PLATO observation manual. The invited participants were asked to code selected classroom videos. The goal of the workshop was to provide the coders an opportunity to reflect on the process and discuss the challenges they faced during the coding process. We were especially interested in finding out more about any culture specific differences that the observation tool might not capture, in order to develop a deeper understanding of the affordances and limitations of using the PLATO instrument for understanding teaching quality in the Nordic context. 

This first workshop was limited to PLATO-certified raters only, who were all asked to code shared video data from the Nordic classrooms. There will be a second meeting  on the 4th of June, and this will be open for all QUINT researchers interested in the topic.

By Larissa Lily, QUINT/UiO
Published June 3, 2020 8:48 AM - Last modified June 3, 2020 8:48 AM