QUINT PhD Seminar: Modern Validity Theory and its Application to Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Instruction

Workshop on Validity Theory for the QUINT PhD Fellows, hosted by University of Oslo.

Challenges and possibilities using video data. 

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The goal of this PhD Seminar is to discuss methodological issues in the comparative ambitions of QUINT.  We will talk about modern validity theory, as laid out by Michael Kane and Robert Mislevy. A focus will be on using validity theory to support the making of comparative ambitions with the LISA Nordic Data.


9-10 Introduction and summary of Kane’s (2006) Validation book chapter
10-11 Discussing Modern Validity Theory’s implications for Observations of Teaching
11-12 Applying Modern Validity Theory to the PhD projects


Provided by the seminar leaders Postdoctoral Fellow Mark White

Practical information

This PhD seminar is limited to the QUINT PhD network, including QUINT PhD Fellows, supervisors and co-supervisors.

Attendance upon invitation. 


QUINT/University of Oslo

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