QUINT PhD Fellow Anna Nissen: Mid-term evaluation

QUINT PhD Fellow Anna Nissen hosted by Karlstad University will hold mid-term evaluation "Literature Instruction in Nordic Schools".

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PhD fellows who wish to take a PhD degree must carry out a mid-term evaluation when they are about halfway into their PhD project.

Title: "Literature Instruction in Nordic Schools"

Discussant: Research Director Thomas Illum Hansen, UCL University College Denmark

Chair: Professor Michael Tengberg

The purpose of the mid-term evaluation is to check whether the candidate is en route to achieving the PhD education’s expected learning outcomes. In addition, the committee should along with the principal supervisor and candidate assess the overall feasibility of the project leading up to a PhD degree and, if necessary, suggest possible changes in the candidate’s progress plan.    

Academic Interests

Nissen’s main field of study is language arts. She is especially interested in reading, reading comprehension and literature discussions as a way of learning.


Nissen has been a teacher of Swedish, English and music for almost 30 years. She has mainly worked with teenagers in upper secondary school, but she has also taught children and adults. In 2018 she finished her master thesis in didactics at the University of Gothenburg. It is about how students show ethical awareness when they discuss fiction in small groups.

PhD Dissertation 

Based on video-data from the LISA-study, Nissen investigates how literary texts are used in language arts classrooms across the Nordic countries. In her first study, she compares the enacted literature instruction in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and examines to what extent literary texts are used in the instruction.

Supervisors: Professor Michael Tengberg, Karlstad University and Professor Marte Blikstad-Balas, University of Oslo

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