Practical Information

Information on accommodation in Oslo, maps and directions.

Conference Venue

Blindern campus, University Library, Georg Sverdrups hus
Address: Moltke Moes vei 39 (map)


  • Aud 1 - first floor (Keynote presentations (Eckhard Klieme and Nikolaj Elf) and symposium on the Nordic policies)
  • Aud 2 - first floor ( Paper session 1, QUINT symposium, Paper session 3, Keynote Courtney Bell, Symposium Conceptualising Teaching Quality)
  • LINKEN - second floor (Paper session 2a)
  • Stort møterom - second floor (Tuesday reception)
  • Undervisningsrom 1 - third floor (PhD papers session (QUINT) and Paper session 2b)
  • Undervisningsrom 2 - third floor (Paper session 4, PhD paper session Student perceptions and paper session 2c)
  • Undervisningsrom 3 - third floor (Paper session 5, PhD paper session Teaching quality and teaching practices)

Lunch - Frederikke building, 2nd floor

Frederikke building

Find organisers at the conference:

Maria Dikova - QUINT Administrative Leader Ruben Bredal - Research Assistant