Connected Classrooms Nordic Study

The QUINT project Connected Classrooms Nordic studies the changes brought by digitalisation policies and what they mean to teaching quality.

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The aim is to explore what constitutes quality in teaching in relation to digitalisation of education, through bringing together researchers, professional teachers and students in collaborative video based, longitudinal investigations of contemporary teaching in digitally rich classrooms in the Nordic countries.


The project is designed as a three-year longitudinal study, where the same teachers and students are followed with video recordings from each school year. The video recordings are made with multiple cameras, focusing on both the teachers’ instructions and the students’ activities on computers and other digital resources. From the recordings, examples from the teaching are selected in relation to an analytic framework based on previous research in digitalisation of Nordic classrooms. The selected clips are discussed in focus groups with teachers as well as students with a focus on the consequence of digitalsation for teaching quality.

This project is part of Theme 1 ‘Studying Teaching Quality’ within QUINT.

Published May 6, 2019 11:38 AM - Last modified Jan. 17, 2022 1:47 PM


Principal Investigators

Associate Professor
Anna Slotte
University of Helsinki

Associate Professor
Marie Nilsberth (f.Tanner)
Karlstad University


  • Christina Olin-Scheller
  • Fritjof Sahlström
  • Sólveig Zophoníasdóttir
  • Tina Høegh
  • Marie Slot
  • Connie Svabo
Detailed list of participants