Learning to notice in teacher education: The use of video as an instructional tool

The 'Learning to notice in teacher education' project is a longitudinal intervention study investigating the use of video as an instructional tool in teacher education. It is set within a Norwegian teacher education program educating teachers for secondary schools (8-13).


Scholars worldwide are challenged to ground teacher education in practice to a greater extent. The use of video seems promising in this respect, but there is a need for further knowledge in this area. The overarching aim of this study is therefore to examine systematic use of video as an instructional tool, or pedagogy, of teacher education. The study makes use of (i) classroom videos collected in an ongoing research study (Linking Instruction & Student Achievement (LISA), and (ii) videos of the student teachers’ own teaching practice.

The research questions are:

1. To what degree and how can student teachers’ ability to identify, analyse and reason around relevant classroom events be trained?

2. To what degree and how is this ability related to their teaching repertoire?


The project is designed as a longitudinal intervention study, aiming to follow at least two cohorts of candidates at a five-year integrated teacher education program in Norway for at least six years. In the training of these students systematic use of video at campus and during fieldwork will be implemented. Data sources include (i) video data from intervention coursework, (ii) selected assignments, (iii) video data from supervision with the use of video during fieldwork, and (iv) observation data from the student teachers’ teaching practice at different time points (during teacher education, as newly educated- and experienced teachers).

The data will use existing frameworks to analyse level of reflection of the student teachers, and also their teaching repertoire in terms of their teaching quality. 

This project is part of the theme 'Developing video-based teacher training' within QUINT.

Published Jan. 17, 2019 8:45 PM - Last modified Mar. 16, 2021 3:35 PM


Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
Inga Staal Jenset,
University of Oslo
Department of Teacher Education and School Research